Nonprofit Accounting Services

Fredericksburg nonprofit accounting

Nonprofit organizations are an essential part of every community but increasingly complex administrative and regulatory requirements can drain your resources and distract you from your mission. Auxilium Accounting Services is experienced in nonprofit accounting and will show you how to manage your donations properly so you can accomplish the most good.

Our Fredericksburg, VA CPA firm will organize and improve your accounting and bookkeeping processes so you have the funding available to reach your goals. We’ll bring clarity to your financial statements so you can easily see where your money is going and where you can reduce or eliminate expenses. We’ll also make sure you keep your nonprofit status for tax purposes and will prepare and file your Form 990 tax return at year end. With us in charge of your financials, you’ll have more time and money on hand to make a real difference in your community.

Accounting and Tax Services for Nonprofits

Call at 540-642-1348 or request a consultation online to learn more about our nonprofit accounting and tax services. We work with all kinds of not-for-profit organizations including charities, schools, and churches.

Shona Bell, CPA - Nonprofit Division

Shona Bell - Nonprofit division

Shona Bell is a dedicated Certified Public Accountant with 17 years of experience in accounting, finance and business process improvement. Her experience includes 8 years working with Big 4 public accounting firms. She worked in a variety of industries, including corporations, state and local governments and Federal Government agencies. There, she was able to build a strong foundation in audit, accounting and financial consulting. This experience enables her to identify problems, develop and implement solutions, while keeping clients audit ready and/or compliant every day. Subsequent to that, she held multiple senior accounting positions at nonprofit organizations.

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